Our beers.

hopsAll of our beers are High fementation ales, naturally brewed with passion and a great sense of pride. Our goal is to brew original and good tasting beers. We only use the best available products on the market to ensure a great quality over time.

Our beers are avilable in 341 mL and 1 Litre bottles and also in kegs. Feel free to check out our beer descriptions and the closest point of purchase to try our beers if you didn't do it yet.

The brewing in done by:

Jonathan Sabourin
Brew master

Bruno Ouellette

La Blanche aux bleuets sauvages

A white wild blueberry beer on lees.

La Perdrix Blanche

A white beer on lees with orange and coriander.

La Montoise

Golden blonde in colour, the Montoise is a high-fermentation beer (Ale) which offers a long-lasting head and is effervescent. This ale caresses the palate with its soft sensation accompanied by lightly fruited hops flavours.

La Carotte du Lièvre

The Carotte du Lièvre is a high fermentation beer (Ale). It is orange in colour and has a creamy texture. It has a light cooked-vegetable taste and a nice bitterness in the end.

La Ginger Beer

The Ginger Beer is a high fermentation beer (Ale) brewed according to the recipe of the Lausanne Castle in Switzerland. Its hops is delicate but it has a strong ginger flavour toned down by the perfect spice mix.

La El Lapino

The El Lapino is a high fermentation beer (Ale). Blonde in colour, it has a short lasting head. It has a fresh hot pepper aroma and a slightly spicy bitterness that leaves a warm note in the end.

La Frousse

The Frousse is a high-fermentation beer (Ale). A pale red-amber ale with copper highlights. A slight hint of caramel is almost undetectable. The aftertaste has a delicate bitterness that will take you by surprise..

La Phénix

La Phénix is a smoked red lager beer. It was created as a tribute to the fire that burned the Microbrasserie du Lièvre on January 18th 2013.

La Phénix is a lager with a slightly fruity and smokey taste, with a hint of caramal that will seduce till the last drop.

La IPA du Lièvre

The I.P.A. du Lièvre is a seasonal high fermentation beer (ale). Its creamy head covers its powerful caramel taste. It has a strong, fresh hops aftertaste. A very refreshing beer.

La IPA Impériale

The I.P.A. impériale is a seasonal high fermentation beer (ale). Its creamy head covers its light caramel taste. Its hops aftertaste is not as strong as the I.P.A. du Lièvre, but is still as refreshing.

La Brune au Miel

The Brune au Miel is a high fermentation beer (Ale). Red burgundy in colour, it has a long lasting head. Its warm aromas recall vanilla, cloverleaf honey and caramel. It has a round, velvety texture and it coats the palate. Its sweet taste masks its acidity and is finished by dry-roasted bitterness.

La El Diablo

Full scent of alcohol and butterscotch mixed with some pleasant aromas of fresh wood and vanilla from the oak barrels. Its taste is enjoyable, round and balanced. The freshness of our well chosen hops complements the wood aromas, giving it a slightly bitter finish that does not overwhelm the persisting vanilla and oak aromas. A beer that will cast a spell on you...

Lièvre de nuit

Our Lièvre de nuit is an oatmeal stout.

Black as the darkest night, its rich collar and its delicate dark cocoa and toasted coffee bean taste shall bewitch your palate... until your next sip.

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